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It’s right there in our name: we’re the premier tennis planning contractor on Long Island. For over sixty years, we’ve been building, maintaining, and resurfacing top-of-the-line courts—over 1,000 of them and counting. The enduring excellence of our courts and tournament fencing systems is a testament to our experience, craftsmanship, and commitment to only the best quality.

Tennis Planning has been building, maintaining, and resurfacing tournament quality tennis courts for over SIXTY years. Our reputation precedes us for providing quality, expertise, personal service, and competitive pricing, making us the leading tennis court builders in the tri-state area. When you work with TPC, you get top-notch service, and quality materials, provided by experienced personnel. In your own backyard or at one of Long Island’s premier country clubs, TPC is your go-to contractor.

We are trusted by hundreds of satisfied repeat customers—including tennis legend John McEnroe.

Whether You’re A Tennis Pro Or A Weekend Warrior,
You Deserve The Finest Surface.

  • In-house personnel

  • Hired by us directly

  • Most employees have spent more than three decades with us

  • We never skimp, starting from the most granular level:
    even our sand is specially sourced and crafted

  • Best-in-class acrylics

  • Each court environment gets bespoke treatment

  •  Tree removal, grating, and retention

  • Base construction, drywells, nets and equipment, expert color/lines, and more

Learn more about our Har-Tru, All-Weather, and Astroturf offerings below.


Har-Tru is a unique crushed stone tennis court that performs like clay but dries quicker and plays faster without the mess. Har-Tru is the world’s leading modern day clay court surface.

Har-Tru is an ideal surface for tennis players who prize injury prevention, longer rallies, and a well-paced game. Plus, Har-Tru drains easily and is cooler than other surfaces. Best of all, Har-Tru courts never crack and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.


An All-Weather tennis court is the most popular surface and the one played on at the US Open. Also known as a “hard” court, players love it due to its low maintenance and speed. As long as there is no snow on the ground, you can play. An All-Weather surface is constructed of concrete or asphalt and then painted with a sand fortified acrylic finish system in your color choice.

The best part about an All-Weather tennis court compared to other surfaces is its multi-sport capability for other activities. The options are endless; Pickleball, basketball, roller skating, bike riding,  and volleyball, all of which can be designed and installed by TPC.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass tennis courts merge the best of both All-Weather and Har-Tur surfaces since they are fast but soft and forgiving. Synthetic grass tennis courts are also an excellent option for those who live in areas with lot coverage restrictions. An asphalt tennis court is non-permeable, while a synthetic grass surface is. This allows a homeowner to build a court where otherwise they couldn’t. Additionally, some towns restrict watering, which is a requirement of a Har-Tru. A synthetic grass court is low maintenance, won’t crack and can be rolled out like a carpet, so it can easily overlay your existing dilapidated asphalt court with no construction machinery.

Once your court has been built, it will need top-notch, reliable maintenance. We do that too.

Maintenance & Reconstruction

Tennis court maintenance is made easy at Tennis Planning.

We provide annual Har-Tru resurfacing contracts to all of our customers. Over the winter, a good portion of your Har Tru service erodes or blows away. Every spring we scrape a layer of unbonded material from your court and take it away. New material is then intermixed with the remaining surface, watered to its full depth, rolled, groomed and new playing lines are always installed. The result is a new court every season.

Although maintenance-free for the first several years, an All-Weather tennis court does require periodic power-washing to remove mold and mildew that create slippery conditions. Our experienced personnel know the exact pressure and wand distance needed to not rip your sophisticated acryllic surface. After several years, cracks will develop. Annual repair will extend the life of your All-Weather court as well as resurfacing, including leveling at depressions, scraping loose surface areas, and installing fresh acrylics—providing like new playing  conditions.

For our synthetic grass courts we periodically power wash, add fresh silica, roll and groom the carpet, and check all seams.

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