Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning is the award-winning landscaping design and planning division of Tennis Planning for over 50-years

Our Approach

Our experts take a measured, patient look at your home or business, considering questions of environment, longevity, and atmosphere before a single flower is planted. We’ll get a sense of the history and future of your space, how you and your family and guests intend to use your outdoor areas, and your aesthetic preferences. You’ll paint a portrait, and we’ll turn it landscape.

At Landscape Planning our staff includes experienced landscape architects and engineers who have carefully been landscape design and development for years.

Our Process

Landscape Planning is highly detail-oriented. We’ll take into account the style of your home as we plan your landscaping, selecting plants that suit a modern sensibility, or cohere with a classic. Whether you’re building from scratch or starting a renovation, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, sketching out plans for a landscape that will effortlessly complement your home. Whatever your starting point, Landscape Planning has the expertise and vision to create your dream outdoor space.

Horticultural Expertise

Landscape Planning has the horticultural knowledge to create an environment that is safe, tasteful, and enchanting. If you have small children or pets, for example, we’ll avoid anything potentially poisonous. We are also highly conscious of design integrity, so we limit ourselves only to plants that harmonize with each other and your setting. We avoid plants and trees that all flower at once. Landscape Planning thinks seasonally, and annually. We build spaces to last, and last beautifully.

Function and Form

When Landscape Planning designs your outdoor space, we’re thinking constantly about form and function. The design of your outdoor area will be matched by a sufficient drainage system, and your garden paths and poolside walkways will be illuminated by balanced landscape lighting.

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